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La Escalera, Texas


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San Antone to Escalera...
El Rancho Familia...
The Gage Hotel...
The Roundup...

On April 24, 2005, my father (Dee Lyda), brother (Holt Lyda), and I (Trey Lyda) departed on a six-hour drive from San Antonio, TX to a location just south of the old West Texas town of Ft. Stockton.

Our assignment: Shoot video and stills of the annual Spring Roundup at the family-owned La Escalera Ranch ("The Ladder" in English).

Our goal was to capture a "day in the life" of an Escalera cowboy/cowgirl and to sample the overall culture of West Texas. With over 420,000 acres of ranch land to cover, we were determined to try and capture everything. We swept over Escalera in a helicopter, blazed through pastures in dune buggies, and performed balancing acts atop an old windmill... all in an effort to document the modern-day ranching processes. Not only were we able to shoot a glimpse of Escalera cattle ranching, we were also able to capture additional treasures of the land, such as gas exploration, water capturing, wild game hunting, and farming.

The three days of shooting Escalera provide only a glimpse into the generations-old Lyda story. Besides a few modernizations, the techniques remain unchanged, still drawing from those used by 19th Century vaqueros.Yet, we're confident that the trip's efforts have produced an excellent sample of the of the West Texas land that we proudly call Escalera, Texas.

We'd like to express our gratitude for the accomodations provided during the shoot. Gene, Shay, Tyler, and Granny & Gramps. Dad, Holt, and I enjoyed every minute spent capturing your masterpiece of Americana. And to the Escalera cowboys and cowgirls: (Jesse, Glen, Mr. King, Mike, Mary, Jed, and Eduardo) We're much obliged for your generosity, insight, and dedication.

By documenting the trip, we hope that future generations of family and friends receive a [dusty] taste of the pride we hold in our land and in our cowboy heritage.

Enjoy the shots! Keep a look out for the DVD, entitled "Escalera". It is currently in production.

Adios muchachos!


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